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Artificial Intelligence & Web Development – The Untold Truth

Artificial Intelligence & Web Development – The Untold Truth

Web development is embracing technology and coming up with more secure, scalable and feature-packed applications. Enhanced user experiences and personalized content is something that appears relatable. The web department world is looking for smart applications with personalized UX design. On the other hand, AI or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is rapidly spreading throughout the tech world and soon would become an integral part of our lives.


AI in Web Development:

If you have a business, then it’s mandatory in contemporary times to ‘have a website’. AI can play a vital role in web design and development. Did you know that many web development companies have started creating AI-enabled websites? AI has already become an indispensable part of the web development world but still more needs to be done.

Let’s find out how AI has contributed to web development and helped in creating user-friendly websites.


With an eCommerce website, you need AI-powered chatbots to reply to your customers. AI in chatbots helps in increasing business sales as the machine predicts correct reactions and appropriate responses for user queries. Data encryption, behaviour analytics, and multi-functioning authentication power chatbot security communication are some of the AI technicalities that are used to develop an advanced functioning website for connecting human behaviour with technology in a seamless way.

AI-enabled chatbots are capable of replying to multiple customers at the same time and operate 24×7. The responses are more or less accurate and scripted with the aid of machine learning. If you have an eCommerce website, then it’s time to make AI a part of your world and never look back.

Voice Search

In 2016, Google Assistant was launched and the voice-based search came into the world. All the credit goes to AI technology for working on voice command. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Home – all are using AI for recognizing and responding to voice commands. The core idea is to enhance and facilitate the customer experience. Customers find it much easier and simpler to speak and search on the web, rather than to type and search.

If you have a website, then voice search adaptability can act as a great tool to rule the market, as consumers prefer using voice search that requires less time and energy. AI plays a vital role in providing consistent and clear communication between the website and the customers. In the near future, websites will start using AI for voice search adaptability and to stay ahead in the digital world, don’t give this one a miss.


With AI and Machine Learning your website can collaborate for making market predictions and acting on them. Artificial Intelligence can help find out:

What your customers are planning to purchase next?
Which are the disliked products?
What are the devices used by customers to browse the website?
When is the ideal time for the customer to shop for your products?

These are just a few of the questions that the AI questions can answer. AI helps to bridge the gap between the business and the customer. Businesses adapt themselves in marketing analytic techniques for achieving better results and increasing the ROI.

Not convinced yet? Then, take a look and find out some of the advantages of implementing AI for web development. 

  • Effective digital marketing techniques can be used to attract target consumers. AI can sense the pulse of the target audience and thus help the digital team create a foolproof strategy to fetch in more business online.
  • Making search easier and faster. With AI one can get relevant customer experience and interaction. Website and customer interactions get better, faster, and quicker (even without the human touch). AI also provides a personalized experience of the store virtually.
  • AI can help suggest trending videos, music, vlogs, and blog posts that are relevant and can help attract the target audience for the respective brand. AI also helps show the audience the relevant content that would interest and appeal to them.
  • There are countless AI tools that can change the face of web design. ADI (artificial design tools) can change the look and feel of a website. For example, Wix and Bookmark are credible AI tools that can help you create a website in seconds with abundant options for customization.
  • With analytic tools powered with AI, web developers can check how their designed and created websites works in real-time. Thus, with AI, web developers can understand which design looks best and how to define them.


Final Thoughts

AI can be effectively used for web development and maintenance. Machine learning programs along with AI can create a multi-purpose website for your brand and help you achieve traction with users. This calls for developers to put in efforts and learn more about AI technology and its usage.



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