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    Codeigniter vs CakePHP vs Laravel: which one is better for web development?

    Codeigniter vs CakePHP vs Laravel: which one is better for web development?

    The recent advancements in PHP programming languages have produced three innovative frameworks;Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Laravel. These web frameworks are open source and follow MVC (model-View-Controller) approaches. Still, they have their own pros and cons. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, I try to find out the best framework for web development.





    Mail integration is the fundamental need of a website and everybody is needed to enhance their customer base. The ‘Swiftmailer’ library of Laravel provides a clean and easy API(1) configuration for mails with individual accounts. Without integrating the caching process, your back-end performance hinders a lot. So, Laravel manages the excellent integration of caching to improve the back-end performance of your website. It is well-equipped with automation testing that takes less time as compared to manual testing. It provides a secure platform by preventing against suspicious threats like SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

    Laravel Framework: Today’s need for web development



    MVC (Model-View-Controller) helps in data handling, data rendering and data responses to a correct database for the preferred framework. It works in a planned manner for data processing. With the help of components, extensions, helpers, and behaviors you can rescue your code within the existing facility. CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) feature of CakePHP (2) allows you to update, modify and produce your work anytime and complete control over the final outcome.


    You can’t deny the need for customization because you have to customize the website based on the specific needs. It provides the easiest way to customize your web format based on your needs. It is considered as the best user-friendly interface by delivering the finest pieces of responsive web platforms. The superb migration support services of Codeigniter gives you an easy interface to migrate(3) your database from one server to another server.

    Codeigniter Framework: A revolution in web development





    Due to lightweight, it has less in-built support. It can be solved by third-party tools, but it would be tedious tasks for a large and customized website. All the components are designed in a systematic manner. The dependency injection proves to be complex(4) at various levels which make amateur developers practice a lot to become an expert Laravel professional.


    The documentation of CakePHP is heavy that leads developers to learn and practice various steps by giving a sound amount of time and effort. It doesn’t provide the seamless experience of migration.It is difficult to migrate the second version of CakePHP into third version (5). Developers need to update the default routes to integrate the fancy URLs which adversely affects the efficiency of web development.

    CakePHP: A novice web development framework


    It requires exhaustive libraries for customizing the web development platform. The framework is not fully based on ORM (Object-Oriented Mapping) (6) but it depends heavily on third-party solutions. Since it is not the community-driven, any change will be maintained only by company norms and policies.

    Final Thoughts

    After an exemplary analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned three frameworks, I think Codeigniter is better as compared to CakePHP and Laravel. Since it doesn’t show the complexity at various levels of implementation, developers find it easy to build the code. Though the customization process requires an exhaustive level of libraries. But the end result is praiseworthy. It doesn’t show any issues withthe migration process. It gives you the seamless experience of web responsive platform by incorporating Codeigniter.



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