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    How robotics is changing the education sector?

    How robotics is changing the education sector?

    Robotics has opened enormous dimensions in the education sector. Instructional robots is one of the important aspect that will help children to learn on their comfort zone. Robots act as the connecting link between teacher and student. Robots add values to social cooperation and it also augments the educational execution & excellence.


    Social Robots: helping special need children

    Children with mental and physical disabilities keep themselves isolated from other peer students and teachers. Teachers are working hard to teach them social skills. However, it creates additional burden and stressful situation for teachers to deal them the same lessons repetitively. Social robots equipped with robot-assisted therapy (1) trigger novel sensory stimuli that can help them learn social behaviors. Children with special need can show their behaviors in specific social situations by learning context-specific behaviors from a robot. Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can enhance their social communication skills with the help of ‘co-therapist robot’ that is well-equipped with socially relevant questions and their responses.


    Social Robots: A bless for special need children


    Career in robotics

    As robots become an indispensable entity in our daily life. The demand of robotics specialists will surge in near future. Robotics engineer can design and manifest the robot and they can modify the structure according to the need. They should analyze and evaluate the robots and have a keen eye how they can improve the robots on the current circumstances. Robotics technicians should have a profound knowledge of robotic system and they can serve as the prime technical support personnel. Robotics sales engineer (2) can help industries and academia to provide the most suitable robots for their organizations. They should have a knowledge of every aspect of robot and robotic products. Robotics software developers can embed the required command to the robotic devices. They should analyze how robots are responding by giving the verbal commands or typing some keystrokes. Students can opt for robotics engineering as a career which would be an interdisciplinary course where they need to study electronics, computer science, biotechnology, manufacturing and cognitive sciences.


    Robotics Engineering: A future career


    Robotics: An indispensable part of STEM

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has high prospects in 21st century and various academic institutions are incorporating robotics in school curriculum. A brief survey has mentioned that students have shown a positive impact on robotics (3) by reinvigorating cross-curricula activities. Robotics has the higher capability to foster scientific reasoning and creative thinking among students. Educational robotics can facilitate students with coding, developing, designing and operating robots to strengthen their skills in STEM courses. Some institutions have launched the STEM-friendly robot kids that have helped students to solve realistic problems with the assistance of STEM-robots. Robotics is more interactive and creative as compared to the traditional ways of teaching and it has become a lead catalyst for students to pursue STEM courses after high school.


    Robotics & STEM: An indispensable part of school curricula


    Medical Education: Changing Prospects

    Robotic-assisted surgery has galvanized the role of robotics in medical education. Sooner, robotic surgeons will be high demands in healthcare units. The recent advancements in genomics, digital drugs, AI, ML and robotics have the changed the patient care in a new level. Today, medical students and existing medical professionals need to take enhanced training in robotic-assisted surgery. NHS (National Health Service) has a long-term plan to integrate robotics (4) with genomics, AI and data analytics in medical education. Soon autonomous robots will become the vital component of healthcare facilities and medical institutions. One of highly successful medical robot is ‘daVinci’ that can perform the surgery with very tiny incisions, accurate precision, less bleeding, faster healing and low risk of infection. Other leading medical robots are orthoses, targeted therapy micro-robot, disinfectant bots, clinical training bots and many more.


    Medical Robots: Changing dimensions in medical education


    Educational institutions look a prospective aspect of robotics on introducing it in the formal education. Robotics become the foremost core of innovation as it furnishes creativity and acquisition among students. It is the high time to integrate robotics in school curricula by imparting technological intricacies for future needs.



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