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Search Engine Optimization

Why hire the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company?

SEO in today’s IT world is not longer restricted to be a combination of keywords and links but a bundle of well planned activities that are strategically performed to expand online presence of someone’s brand. We make your website visible in search engine (like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) results organically (i.e. No Paid Advertisement) by the dint of our well organized plan of action and following the latest algorithms used by search engines.

We perform initially SEO audit, including competitive review and keyword research to locate the areas of improvement. This allows us to build a cohesive project plan with a clear outline for implementation, effectiveness, and success.

Our SEO process adheres to Google’s Guidelines which majorly covers the following areas:

Design and Content Area: In this aspect we focus on on-site SEO optimization by analysing navigation structure, coding structure, sitemap, website hierarchy and the content of the site. After that we strategize accordingly to deliver the best result.

Technical Area: Here we focus on technicality in creating a website. We will provide special emphasis on the website loading speed.

Quality Area: In this area we take care of off-site SEO. We understand your requirement and strategise plans accordingly based on Google Algorithms by using white hat SEO Techniques abiding Google Recommendations.

Close monitoring: Monthly analysis and media outreach takes place to tap more focussed and relevant audience, helping target visitors to find your site, and thus improving overall user relevancy.

SEO has two components Off-Page and On-Page which are as:

On-Page SEO Optimization Off-Page SEO Optimization
Title Tag Optimization Inbound Marketing
Meta Tags Optimization Content Marketing
Image Alt Tag Optimization Social Media Optimization
SEO Friendly URL Rewriting Visual Content Branding and Promotion
Robots.txt Creation Business Profile Creation
XML Sitemap Creation Local SEO

Affordable Off-Page SEO Package suiting everyone’s pocket:

Q2 Success Basic Q2 Success Intermediate Q2 Success Advance
$300 per month $400 per month $500 per month
Keywords Targeted 5 Keywords Targeted 10 Keywords Targeted 15
Suitable for Small Business Suitable for Small & Medium Business Suitable for Medium & Large Business
Deliverables for your Q2 Success Q2 Success Basic Q2 Success Intermediate Q2 Success Advance
Initial Business Evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes
In Depth Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Inbound Marketing achieve success with Q2Success
Website Content Development/Customization No Yes Yes
Marketing Assets Development Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation No No Yes
Content Marketing achieve success with Q2Success
Content Research Yes Yes Yes
Blog Setup, Writing, Submission & Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Blog Optimization for Targeted Keywords Yes Yes Yes
Classified Ads Writing & Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Participating in Business Forums and Discussion Communities Yes Yes Yes
Document Sharing and Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Guest Blogging No Yes Yes
Press Release Writing & Submission No Yes Yes
Micro Blogging Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Optimization achieve success with Q2Success
Facebook Fan Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Linkedin Company Page Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Profile Yes Yes Yes
G+ Page Yes Yes Yes
Pinterest Pin Boards Yes Yes Yes
Linking of Social Profiles with the main website Yes Yes Yes
Cross Profiles Linking Yes Yes Yes
Hashtag(#) Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Product Card Implementation & Optimization No No Yes
Facebook Open Graph Implementation & Optimization No No Yes
Visual Content Branding and Promotion achieve success with Q2Success

To track Website Traffic, Traffic Sources, Conversion leading to Sales Q2Success helps you to setup the Conversion Analysis

  • Setting up Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Setting up Google Webmaster Tool
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Google Crawling Error Analysis
  • Setup Test for Conversion Analysis

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