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When should one go for Google AdWords or PPC

When should one go for Google AdWords or PPC

Google AdWords or PPC is an online advertising service. It is developed by Google to help marketers by promoting their content, brand, website, etc through certain defined keywords to reach their target customers instantly. It is a form of brief advertising service which is continuously growing and will continue to grow for more and more online businesses.

In case of a small business, Google AdWords can greatly be successful to drive their customers. When a prospective customer is looking for a product, service, promotion or anything from any corner of the world, they are likely going to search for it on Google. Then you found that Google would provide a list of search results for you. But if you look closely, you will notice that the top and the bottom results are generally ads. These clickable ads will surely help you to market your product and increase sales.

But if a common question strikes in our mind when one should use Google AdWords or PPC? Then your answer is here. You just check it out if it meets all these criteria for your business.

  • It is important to make sure that is your audience online or not.
  • The keywords related to your business is really being searched online just following the Trend?
  • Are your competitors investing online (paid or unpaid channels)?

So, you have to match all these criteria to go with Google AdWords or PPC to increase and improve your business growth.

Now let’s discuss 5 ways of benefits in business strategy by using Google AdWords or PPC.

Consistently measurable and flexible

One of the main advantages of using Google AdWords for the business companies is that it is easily measurable and flexible. It would also make you aware to understand of some sources:

  • Discover your audience by their location, the time of day, their language, and even their browser or device they’re using
  • Who clicked on your ad
  • How many leads have been generated
  • How much traffic you have got from AdWords to your website
  • Access to Gmail, YouTube and lots of other of partner sites are at your fingertips
  • Which keyword generated the most traffic and leads
  • How much does it cost you per lead

Faster than SEO

One of the top benefits of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO because of the multiple uses of keywords, more instant visibility. A well optimized Google AdWords is that kind of search engine marketing strategy to drive more traffic and leads instantly. Simply says that Google ads give you instant visibility at an instant cost, whereas SEO would give you long term success, depending on the effort you put on the quality of your content, though you need to use both simultaneously.

Attract more customer through Gmail

One of the most interesting marketing strategies in each and every business is email marketing. From September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google AdWords and made it available to all advertisers, which means you can attract more customers and meet all their goals through their Gmail inbox. Usually, Gmail ads are shown at the top of the promotion tabs but sometimes you also find it on the social tab too. Some of these ads are expandable.

Increase your Brand awareness

Google AdWords or PPC is so efficient to make people aware about your brand. When compared to SEO, your rank always depends on the number of your brand name searches and its variations. This will help you to boost your traffic by each and every clicks and conversions. That’s why it is another important reason which would set the aim to increase your brand awareness through search as well as display ads.

Control your advertising coasts

The another cause of using Google AdWords or PPC which is really awesome is that you have full control over how much you spend in total. You will also see a difference in cost per click if you target your ads to a small town versus a big city. Here you can set a maximum cost per day for your Google AdWords campaign. So, if your budget is limited, then it can help you to meet different advertising goals to boost your customers. One the other hand, it also helps you to get rid from the worry of becoming over budget.

To conclude, it is to be said that this article make you aware of what are the reasons of using Google AdWords or PPC and when one should go for it. So, at the end of the article it is undoubtedly sure to say that without such AdWords campaigns one may not be able to improve their business, publicize their brand and meet all their customer’s goals.

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