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    Why Do the Framework Platforms like Magento, Drupal, WordPress Come up with New Version

    Why Do the Framework Platforms like Magento, Drupal, WordPress Come up with New Version

    It is true that the whole world is changing. Everything in everywhere needs an updated version for every time to time. You people always buy new furniture, change colour of the walls, use new kitchen appliances etc by replacing the old things to make your home updated. Just like that the fundamental truth in software industry is that no software is ever final. Developers and users always discover improvements and then, updates are duly required. In almost all cases, these additions and improvements are released as patches.

    It’s well known that  Magento,  Drupal, WordPress is an open source community. That means there are hundreds of people around the globe working to constantly improve it and fix old problems. . There is a minor upgrade every second month and a more critical upgrade with new features and more changes to the core almost every quarter on average.To build an eCommerce website, website administrators should make sure that their website runs on the latest version of the software. So there are several reasons on the question do these changes actually bring any value to the website?


    Being an open source project, anyone could analyze and discover security flaws. Once found, these flaws are reported in a well-organized manner.One of the major ways in which Magento,Drupal, WordPress differentiates themselves from other content management systems are its remarkably high focus on security. That is why  in most cases, a new version includes all security patches from previous updates.on a frequent basis. Because new security features prevent hackers from breaking into your website and inserting malicious code. This code can harm your site and cause it to lose position in se arch engine results. Search engines may even unlist your site. So, Security is the most essential reason that Magento, Drupal,  WordPress should be updated to the latest version.

      Bug Fixes

    A bug is an error or flaw in the code of software. The severity of the bug ranges from critical to minor. Bugs have the nasty habit of slipping through the final testing, and thus making into the final code. The issue is discovered when the bug is triggered by a specific scenario and breaks the code. Magento,Drupal , WordPress developers actively focus on removing bugs from the core code of the CMS. the product of their efforts is bug fixes and patches that should be applied as soon as they are released. Every updation of Magento,Drupal , WordPress  reduces the incidence of bugs and ensures that the website remains secure and functional.  New updates can fix functionality bugs in your site. So if something isn’t working properly, you may just need an update.

    New features

    Some versions contain new features that help extend website’s functionality as well as improve the overall customer and admin experience.

    • For example, if we look at Magento 2.2 version and compare it with Magento 2.2.2, we will see that the latter contains advanced reporting powered by Magento business intelligence, new shipping features, which provide integrated advanced multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment, Streamlined Instant Purchase checkout, integrated dotmailer marketing automation software and Magento functional testing framework. Impressive, isn’t it?
    • With every release of core Drupal, the development team introduces major and/or minor features. Around the same time, module developers also release new versions to make sure that their modules are compatible with the new version.If you do not update the Drupal version on your website, chances are that the updated modules might not work properly on the website.This is sufficient incentive for every Drupal website administrator to keep the website updated as frequently as possible.
    • New features make WordPress easier to use or more useful. Don’t wait and update two or three versions at a time. It can be detrimental to your site, and then you must learn about many new features at once.

    So these all are the reasons of Why Do the Framework Platforms like Magento, Drupal, WordPress Come up with New Version. So, If you are looking to update your Magento, Drupal, WordPress , no issue just do a bulk action to update them now.

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